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What you’ll see, by the sea

Jul 18th 2012



Is there anything better than toodling down the road with no particular place to go and stumbling on something really extraordinary? I was meandering down to Gualala (love that name, can't say it without an extra "la" or two) during my last trip to Timber Cove Inn and looked over to see...THIS. Out in the middle of really, NOWHERE, well actually Sea Ranch, but nestled in a little field without signage --  all the better -- this tiny Sea Ranch Chapel is an amazing structure. At closer look I discovered that it was built in 1985 and was a gift from Robert and Betty Buffum, dedicated to the memory of Kirk Ditzler, a navy aviator, zoologist and artist. Open daily to the public, 365 days a year from sunrise to sunset. Pat and Lyle Ditzler, long time Sea Ranch residents and dear friends of the Buffums were intimately involved in the chapel. Who would expect to discover such a gem of architecture nestled by the side of a winding and beautiful road in Sonoma just outside of Timber Cove. Not me.