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Holy Goat!

Jul 27th 2012

You just never know what you are going to see on your way to Timber Cove Inn. I took the Petaluma route on my last visit and was merrily driving along when I practically drove through a herd of wild…goats? This may not be a pull-the-car-by-the-side-of-the-road-and-snap-a-picture moment for some of you but for this city girl it was a joy to watch.

Summer Jammin’

Jul 22nd 2012

UPDATE! Thank you to all you summer jammers who suggested with great enthusiasm additions to the playlist. WE WERE LISTENING and so can you...for the updated playlist check it out --> HERE

Last weeks post:

It's a spectacular day in Sonoma. Sun is brilliant. Sky is deep blue. You and your besty (or sweety)

What you’ll see, by the sea

Jul 18th 2012

Is there anything better than toodling down the road with no particular place to go and stumbling on something really extraordinary? I was meandering down to Gualala (love that name, can't say it without an extra "la" or two) during my last trip to Timber Cove Inn and looked over to see...THIS. Out in the middle of really, NOWHERE, well