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Relaxation Yogaaaah

Sep 18th 2012

I have always wanted to get into yoga (not the hot one thank you) but could never bring myself to sit still for more than a few minutes without going through the multiple lists in my head, desperate for a piece of paper that I can write down brilliant but fleeting ideas. So when I was shamed into attending the Tibetan relaxtion yoga class

Not just another pretty face

Sep 04th 2012

Golden Globe-winning actress Tippi Hedren, star of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" (and mother of actress Melanie Griffith) made her annual pilgrimage to Bodega Bay over Labor Day weekend to sign autographs and raise awareness for the preservation of endangered animals all over the world, namely big cats. Equally as fetching and almost as celebrated is our own Yvonne Corbin, Guest Services Associate at

Working Out - Sonoma Style

Sep 02nd 2012

Ahhhh...Timber Cove Inn. The ocean is everywhere you look. Crashing waves, spectacular sky. The smell of the sea with distant sea gulls coasting lazily over the surf. Beaches, Parks, trails galore. Get the picture? And you decide you need to go to the gym. Well if you MUST then know that there is a a cozy little corner carved