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Blowin’ in the wind(mill)

Jan 30th 2013

For all you smarties out there: What is the difference between a “Windmill” and a “Wind Turbine”. Give up? One of them looks like it is ready to take flight with a few disturbing alien creatures on board, and the other is a graceful nod to the past when our forefathers built these beautiful structures to garner energy for

Mushroom soup for the soul

Jan 13th 2013

For those of you that were NOT in attendance at our Mushroom Foraging extravaganza last week you were not able to taste the scrumptious items on the menu by Chef Ben. Fear not! We are happy to offer you the next best thing and that is the recipe for his killer "Mushroom and Crab Chowder". Yummm...

Mushroom and Crab Chowder Prep Time: 10

Dinner and a Movie

Jan 07th 2013

Not a lot of superplex movie theaters on the Sonoma Coast so we thought we would bring you the next best thing! "Dinner and a Movie" nights at Timber Cove Inn. Starting Tuesday January 8th we are offering classic movies on Tuesday and Thursday nights for hotel guests and area residents. Join is for dinner and the movie is complimentary, starting at 7:45 PM in

Have you lost that lovin’ feeling?

Jan 07th 2013

Well get it back this Valentine's day at Timber Cove Inn! Can't think of a more romantic spot; beautiful drive along the coast, cozy stone fireplace in the lobby, lot's of hand-holding and eye-gazing along the paths overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Plan a special Valentine's Day (and maybe make up for last years disaster) this year with a Sonoma Coast