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Cupid’s Calling

Jun 15th 2012

How many times have you desperately wanted to express your affection by carving out your initials + your love bug's but couldn't find the right tree? Or lacked courage? Or maybe artistic talent? Take those urges to Timber Cove Inn as we have the perfect spot for you to declare your love on

Snoop-dog is in the HOUSE

Jun 12th 2012

Who has been to the Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport? I nominate it for the cutest airport on the planet. Lucy, Linus, Snoopy and the gang are alive and well from the life-size version of Lucy's "The Doctor is In" structure to the fantastic bronze sculpture of Charlie Brown and Linus.  And the best part is it

Room with oh-what-a-view

Jun 11th 2012

Look at this vista from an Ocean View Room at Timber Cove Inn. I either want to relax on the patio with a glass or two of a nice Sonoma Pinot Noir and enjoy the sea breeze or snuggle up on the bed with the latest John Grisham book, a bowl of Cheez Doodles and spend the entire afternoon looking at the Pacific Ocean

Sipping by the Seaview

Jun 09th 2012

When was the last time you went wine tasting in Sonoma County with the Pacific Ocean as your backdrop? The lovely folks at Fort Ross Vineyards are putting the final touches on the first (and only) tasting room in the newly formed Fort Ross-Seaview AVA. I had the pleasure of a personal tour last week and oh MY this vineyard and farmstead-style Tasting Room

“Croquet, darling?”

Jun 08th 2012

Honestly, it's way more fun than it looks. I have played croquet as a young girl in Los Altos and later during travels to Cabo San Lucas, England and Napa Valley. Now the folks at Timber Cove Inn have made it available to guests on the lovely event lawn overlooking  a vast and spectacular Sonoma coastline and Pacific Ocean. Origonally made popular

Living on the edge

Jun 08th 2012

If you have ever been to Timber Cove Inn it is likely that you may have seen a few errant cows along the road. The first time I came across them I literally contemplated advising the authorities that an entire herd was going to be tumbling off the cliff if they didn't send someone out this instant to rescue them. Of course when

Gimme s’more

Jun 07th 2012

Sun is just starting to set. You have had an amazing dinner at Alexander's (Chef Ben is brilliant) and a few glasses of Sonoma wine that you just might have to purchase a bottle (or three) for the wine closet. The view of the ocean is killer from the toasty firepit and yet there is something missing. What IS it? Great company (check)

Bufano Brilliance

May 28th 2012

In the summer of 1962, when Richard Clements had just set his sights on 800 acres north of Fort Ross for homesite development and a stone and redwood inn overlooking the ocean, world famous sculptor Beniamino Bufano began work on an eight-story statue — the largest he'd ever done. It would be incorrect to say that Clements commissioned the Bufano work. That's not the

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