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Mother Knows Best

Mar 22nd 2013

There was a great TV show that ran from 1954 to 1963, (The year Timber Cove Inn was born!) called "Father Knows Best". Very popular. Much like the formula sit-coms of that era, the Anderson family was picture perfect with a spotless home, Jim in a suit most of the time and always coming home from work to a beautifully cooked meal with eager children, Betty,

A Picture is worth 1000 words

Feb 12th 2013

You've made the get away plans and dinner reservations are set. Card, flowers, giftie, the works. It is going to be a Valentine’s Day extravaganza. The takeaway? Memories to last forever on that great visit you planned at Timber Cove Inn. So we thought we would add a bit of frosting to the cake, a little cherry on top, a

Have you lost that lovin’ feeling?

Jan 07th 2013

Well get it back this Valentine's day at Timber Cove Inn! Can't think of a more romantic spot; beautiful drive along the coast, cozy stone fireplace in the lobby, lot's of hand-holding and eye-gazing along the paths overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Plan a special Valentine's Day (and maybe make up for last years disaster) this year with a Sonoma Coast

Cupid’s Calling

Jun 15th 2012

How many times have you desperately wanted to express your affection by carving out your initials + your love bug's but couldn't find the right tree? Or lacked courage? Or maybe artistic talent? Take those urges to Timber Cove Inn as we have the perfect spot for you to declare your love on