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Life is a detour

Dec 19th 2012

Face it. Detours are usually time consuming, annoying and get in the way of all the really important things you have to do today. But sometimes, life's little detours send you on journeys that are inspiring and eye-opening. Like the next time you travel up to Timber Cove Inn. As is fairly typical this time of year (winter) there are parts of the

The Scoop on The Big Bottom

Aug 19th 2012

Lot's of Hub-Bub going on at Daily Candy  these days about Guerneville. What to do while you are there, where to eat and drink. Shopping. Of course WE have been in-the-know about this cool place forever since it is on River Road on the way to Timber Cove Inn. The two hotest spots in town are BIG BOTTOM MARKET and

Into the Woods

Aug 12th 2012

If you take the River Road route to Timber Cove Inn you'll meander through Guerneville with LOTS of great stops to make in town but if you have a little time and your hiking shoes (I wore my flippy floppys so it's not serious hiking) "Armstrong Redwoods" is a must-do. It's maybe 10 minutes west of Guerneville but worlds away from

Holy Goat!

Jul 27th 2012

You just never know what you are going to see on your way to Timber Cove Inn. I took the Petaluma route on my last visit and was merrily driving along when I practically drove through a herd of wild…goats? This may not be a pull-the-car-by-the-side-of-the-road-and-snap-a-picture moment for some of you but for this city girl it was a joy to watch.

Summer Jammin’

Jul 22nd 2012

UPDATE! Thank you to all you summer jammers who suggested with great enthusiasm additions to the playlist. WE WERE LISTENING and so can you...for the updated playlist check it out --> HERE

Last weeks post:

It's a spectacular day in Sonoma. Sun is brilliant. Sky is deep blue. You and your besty (or sweety)

Snoop-dog is in the HOUSE

Jun 12th 2012

Who has been to the Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport? I nominate it for the cutest airport on the planet. Lucy, Linus, Snoopy and the gang are alive and well from the life-size version of Lucy's "The Doctor is In" structure to the fantastic bronze sculpture of Charlie Brown and Linus.  And the best part is it