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“Croquet, darling?”

Jun 08th 2012



Honestly, it's way more fun than it looks. I have played croquet as a young girl in Los Altos and later during travels to Cabo San Lucas, England and Napa Valley. Now the folks at Timber Cove Inn have made it available to guests on the lovely event lawn overlooking  a vast and spectacular Sonoma coastline and Pacific Ocean. Origonally made popular in England in the mid 1800's as a sport that ladies could play with men, (frankly, a little scandelous) it grew to become a popular sport in America a hundred years later. It's easy to set up, anyone can play and it is a great way to while away the afternoon. If you are really feeling competitive and actually want to keep score - for those A-types out there - here are the rules of the game. So Ladies and Gents order a few mint julips, grab your mallets and head to the playing field. Dress whites optional.