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Into the Woods

Aug 12th 2012



If you take the River Road route to Timber Cove Inn you'll meander through Guerneville with LOTS of great stops to make in town but if you have a little time and your hiking shoes (I wore my flippy floppys so it's not serious hiking) "Armstrong Redwoods" is a must-do. It's maybe 10 minutes west of Guerneville but worlds away from civilization. Redwoods are spectacular. The trails are beautifully marked and so quiet, people whisper hello as they pass**. This is not the biggest Redwood Reserve (805 acres) but my-oh-my it is a sight to behold.  You will see giant redwoods with "burls" growing on their sides. A bullfrog pond. The oldest tree, tallest tree and biggest tree. (Also the deadest tree but that isn't in the brochure). Magical place. Easy to get to.

** The REASON dear friends that it is so quiet is that this particular grove doesn't allow much sunshine to reach the forest floor and because of this, only a few plants and trees can thrive here. Consequently, a limited bird and animal population will visit for a meal or some rest in the cool shade. You will need to use your inside voice in this special place.