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Kym McNicholas, Keith Hill and their friend Emmy

Jun 18th 2012



New General Manager Keith Hill got a nice surprise on Saturday when Emmy award winning journalist, television host, business reporter (the list goes on-and-on) Kym McNicholas stopped in for a visit. Accompanied by her parents Bill and Marilyn McNicholas, long-time fans of Timber Cove Inn, Kym enjoys the relative quiet of Sonoma and the Inn as her grueling schedule keeps her going non-stop. On any given day you can find Kym on reporting the latest gadgets and technology news.  Whether she is discussing the future of space travel with Richard Branson or the latest web ventures with Ashton Krutcher, Kym always look forward to a respite from the glitz and glamor of the news and entertainment biz at Timber Cove Inn. Congratulations on your Emmy Kym and for not going all Hollywood on us!