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Living on the edge

Jun 08th 2012



If you have ever been to Timber Cove Inn it is likely that you may have seen a few errant cows along the road. The first time I came across them I literally contemplated advising the authorities that an entire herd was going to be tumbling off the cliff if they didn't send someone out this instant to rescue them. Of course when I recounted the story to a few members of the Timber Cove Inn team they struggled to repress the she-is-clearly-not-a-local sentiment and patiently explained that those cows actually LIKE it there. Something about how sweet that particular patch of grass is (?). So the next time you drive up the Sonoma coast to Timber Cove Inn once you pass bars on the road (we used to call them "cow catchers" but I am sure there is a real name), give them a little head-nod and try to ignore the death-drop-cliff behind them.