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Mother Knows Best

Mar 22nd 2013



There was a great TV show that ran from 1954 to 1963, (The year Timber Cove Inn was born!) called "Father Knows Best". Very popular. Much like the formula sit-coms of that era, the Anderson family was picture perfect with a spotless home, Jim in a suit most of the time and always coming home from work to a beautifully cooked meal with eager children, Betty, Bud and Kathy, delighted to share their day without ear buds, cell phones or a thought of getting up from the table without permission.  Mom, Margaret, was coiffed and perpetually sunny (anyone remember June Cleavers pearls? Loved that she wore them when vacuuming, just like me), and the biggest conflicts revolved around pets, the family car or a particularly stubborn dilemma about the school play. Father ALWAYS knew best and we gained a lot of wisdom from him (thank you Robert Young). Well I would like to give a nod to all the Mother's out there that also have espoused wisdom, knowledge, street smarts, fashion sense, social graces, character refinement and a moral compass to raise children into the upstanding adults that we are.  In the spirit of the great work of the Mothers of the world, we have created the "Mother Knows Best" package for Mother's Day because we believe that Mother needs a break now and then and a trip up the Coast for a relaxing weekend of staring at the Ocean, sipping extraordinary Sonoma Coast wine and just chillin'. Package includes two nights, two tickets to the fabulous 29th annual wine tasting and auction , sponsored by the Gualala Arts and Soroptimist International of Mendocino-Sonoma Coast at the Gualala Arts Center. So Father, surprise the Misses this May 12th and pack up the station wagon for a little vaca. Mother, you can leave the pearls behind, just this once.