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Not just another pretty face

Sep 04th 2012



Golden Globe-winning actress Tippi Hedren, star of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" (and mother of actress Melanie Griffith) made her annual pilgrimage to Bodega Bay over Labor Day weekend to sign autographs and raise awareness for the preservation of endangered animals all over the world, namely big cats. Equally as fetching and almost as celebrated is our own Yvonne Corbin, Guest Services Associate at Timber Cove Inn.

You may remember Tippi in "The Birds" and frankly I would be surprised if you could ever forget Tippi in the film as it is a masterpiece suspense thriller.  I have been suspect of flocking birds gathering overhead and their creepy beady little eyes ever since I saw this movie. Can't be trusted.

Tippi is the president of the Roar Foundation, and resides on her sanctuary for animals in California called The Shambala Preserve. She has tirelessly pleaded with Congress to pass legislation to stop the breeding and raising of exotic felines for personal possession or financial gain. Way to go Tippi. Let them hear you roar!