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Relaxation Yogaaaah

Sep 18th 2012



I have always wanted to get into yoga (not the hot one thank you) but could never bring myself to sit still for more than a few minutes without going through the multiple lists in my head, desperate for a piece of paper that I can write down brilliant but fleeting ideas. So when I was shamed into attending the Tibetan relaxtion yoga class a few Sundays ago I went with just the slightest bit of remorse, wishing I had thought of a solid excuse to stay inside and drink some PEET'S coffee next to the fireplace on the comfy lobby sofa. To my surprise the yoga session was ---hate to admit it--wonderful. Relaxing. Meditative. I even had a few non-list-making minutes in my whirling dirvish head. Imagine this: the temperature is a perfect 68 degrees. There is a slight breeze. Your eyes are closed and you can hear the ocean waves lapping against the cove and distant birds singing. Your Tibetan Yoga instructor is lulling you into stretches (not poses) that feel great and transform you into a space where...wait for actually relax. Sitting on my yoga mat and blue cushion I was comfy, and very, very happy that my friends didn't allow me to retreat. So next time you are at Timber Cove Inn on a Sunday*, attend the yoga class, meet amazing Matt from nearby Ratna Ling Retreat Center and have your Peet's coffee afterwards. Unless you would actually rather blissfully float through the day, like I did.

* Note that yoga is not available during winter months and will resume in the Spring.