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Shroom with a view

Jun 29th 2012



So there is this amazing place called "Stillwater Cove Regional Park" just up the road from Timber Cove Inn. I began my hike one morning a few weeks ago at just the wrong time as it was not quite light at 6:30 AM.  It felt very Fern Gully-ish as the path was shrouded with HUGE trees and extraordinary Flora, Fauna and Merryweather (See previous blog "Along the beaten Path" to get the reference. Come ON people!). A very cute little bridge lead me to an uphill trek to what looked like a meadow? Peak? WIth likely an amazing view. I am not sure because I never got that far (OK so I'm lazy) So on the walk back I passed this sign "NO MUSHROOM PICKING". Of course I didn't see ONE mushroom. Not a button, Chanterelle or Porcini. Not a morel or shitake in sight. So now I am curious...are these dangerous mushrooms? Rare? Deadly? Any of you lucky locals know? Curiousity is killing me. And can anyone tell me what the heck is at the top of the path? My guess is the view is a show stopper. Bet you can see the Sonoma coastline for days. Can't wait to go back and will of course keep an eye out for mushrooms but I promise not to pick. Promise.