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Summer Jammin’

Jul 22nd 2012



UPDATE! Thank you to all you summer jammers who suggested with great enthusiasm additions to the playlist. WE WERE LISTENING and so can you...for the updated playlist check it out --> HERE

Last weeks post:

It's a spectacular day in Sonoma. Sun is brilliant. Sky is deep blue. You and your besty (or sweety) are thrilled to be heading down the Highway but the only thing missing is... a GREAT playlist for the ride. Since Annette and Frankie always seemed to have a sound track following them in their car, we thought you should too. Introducing your very own Afternoon-summer-fun-for-your-drive-to-Timber-Cove-Inn Playlist. We have our favorites that we hope will inspire you to suggest others. All you need is SPOTIFY and voila! You will be  wandering up 101, riding along River Road or jetting through Jenner to everything from vintage to pop.  Sing and drive like you mean it, just like Frankie and Annette. Just keep both hands on the wheel, eyes on the road and let the Summer Jammin' rip! (Click -->HERE for the playlist).





Jul 23 2012, 10:58 AM