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Jun 27th 2013



I was treated to an amazing thunder and lightning storm show at Timber Cove Inn during my last visit. An amazing flashing, cracking lightshow over the ocean that was worth a few hours of lost sleep. My biggest concern was a 9:30 appointment that morning for a hike with my new friend Margaret Lindgren, hiker extraordinaire with "Unbeaten Path Hiking Tours". Not wanting to seem TOO much like a sissy I forged ahead in my pristine Nikes and workout gear unquestionably not suitable for a hike on the rain drenched trails. However, within moments of leaving the car after a short 10 minute drive from the Inn, I was in a state of wonder. Fields of every color of flower surrounded us as we hiked toward the stunning cliffs of Salt Point. Once we arrived Margaret began to explain the history of the area and how the rocks were formed with pock-marked crevices as if little artists creeped in at night to make them just so in the daylight hours. We climbed rocks, visited the extraordinary rock wall with bright St. Patricks Day green moss, clearly painted with that particular pantone color in mind. The sky was still a gloomy grey but the contrast between the flowers and the moss was just…stunning. Lazy seals watched us from below as we walked along the cliffs.  In short, I quickly forgot about my soaking shoes and pants and started planning my next hike up to the pygmy forest or into the woods to see the waterfalls.

So you see? Timber Cove Inn has more to offer than great food, gorgeous views friendly staff. A brisk sit by the comfy fireplace with a good book is fine but you also need to get OUT and see the amazing outdoors and let Margaret show you the way. She can be reached at 707.888.6121. And check out her pictures on her website. She can’t guarantee lightning storms and blooming flowers but she can guarantee some pretty amazing scenery. Suggest some proper hiking boots, jeans and a camera. And say hello to Margaret! 



Margaret Lindgren

ALWAYS my sincerest pleasure!  The weather this weekend is going to be OUTSTANDING!  Looking forward to celebrating with Timber Cove on their 50th GOLDEN anniversary!  Congratulations on being such a great, dynamic, beautiful, welcoming and unique locale in this special place.

Jun 28 2013, 2:24 PM

Timber Cove Inn

Thanks Margaret! I have my new hiking boots all ready to break in on our next hike! And thanks for the BIRTHDAY WISHES!!

Jun 28 2013, 2:31 PM