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The Scoop on The Big Bottom

Aug 19th 2012



Lot's of Hub-Bub going on at Daily Candy  these days about Guerneville. What to do while you are there, where to eat and drink. Shopping. Of course WE have been in-the-know about this cool place forever since it is on River Road on the way to Timber Cove Inn. The two hotest spots in town are BIG BOTTOM MARKET and NO it is not named that for the size of their bar stools...and RUSSIAN RIVER WINE BAR. Both places are small, intimate and offer great food and wine: grab a sandwich at Big Bottom Market and dip your toe-sies in nearby Russian River. Also might want to pick up a few jar's of their amazing honey and "INNA JAM" jam. Sip some great Pinot's at the Russian River Grill and enjoy the entire paperless transaction from the menu to your bill (you sign with your finger on an ipad. Very Silcon Valley of them). So love both places. More info on our facebook page.

Anyone know what the Big Bottom Market is named after?