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Working Out - Sonoma Style

Sep 02nd 2012



Ahhhh...Timber Cove Inn. The ocean is everywhere you look. Crashing waves, spectacular sky. The smell of the sea with distant sea gulls coasting lazily over the surf. Beaches, Parks, trails galore. Get the picture? And you decide you need to go to the gym. Well if you MUST then know that there is a a cozy little corner carved out for you with proper equipment* and a VIEW of the ocean waves crashing below. Not sure about you but I might feel a tad guilty for pounding out a run/walk on the treadmill with Mother Nature calling my name from one of the most beautful coastlines in America. Still insist on the gym? Say you have a good excuse? These are the only ones you MIGHT get away with:

1) It's dark outside.
2) It's cold and windy outside
3) My $395 trainers will get dirty (weak)

That's it. Pick one and go enjoy the gym knowing you will at least SEE the lovely great outdoors.

*The gym is fully equiped with a treadmill, free weights, lifecycle, Life Fitness Dual ajustable pulley, Eliptical, and Lifesycle Bike.




Name MDuvall


Is this gym available for guests at Timber Cover to work out in?  Are we required to reserve it?

Nov 15 2012, 7:14 PM

Timber Cove Inn

Hello! Yes the gym is available to all guests of Timber Cove Inn and no you do not need to reserve. Enjoy!

Nov 19 2012, 2:35 PM