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Finnaddicts, Full-bodied Music, Like Wine

Jun 14th 2014



The Finnaddicts returns to Timber Cove Inn's Sequoia Lounge, from 6:30-9:30pm on Saturday June 14th.

Wizened, mellow, rich, complex and full-bodied, The Finnaddicts serve up music and entertainment for most occasions with a robust repertoire of pop, rock, blues, jazz, R&B and country - something for everybody. A bouquet of boucoup hits from the 60's to the 90's always catches the attention of the crowd. Riding on the Latin beat of congas..., melodic vocals that burst into harmonies crafted by a blend of voices that will surely make your cup runneth over, conjuring up Robert Louis Stevenson's profundity “And The Wine is Music”!

With Tom Finn on guitar and vocals, the Finnaddicts feature Sara Finn on backup vocals and hand percussion, Rich Gil on congas and Steve Trippe on bass guitar and vocals, providing a rich sound that will tickle your toes and warm your soul.