Star Gazing

Whether you’re an astrology addict, a stargazing romantic, or just looking to learn more about the wonders of the sky, there is no better place for stargazing on the Sonoma Coast than at the Timber Cove Inn.

Timber Cove Inn’s coastal location allows for some of the best stargazing on the Sonoma Coast. Stargazing is one of the best things to do in Sonoma. Sit beneath the clear night sky and gaze at the breathtaking brilliance of the moon and the abundance of stars. See if you can make out the Milky Way, various constellations, and other visible planets, and be amazed by meteor showers during your Sonoma travel.

The beauty of the Timber Cove Inn is not just its magnificent structure and fine amenities; it’s the glory of its natural surroundings: the beautiful California coastline, the majestic Pacific Ocean, and the dramatic night sky, perfect for Sonoma coast stargazing. Join us for dinner before the Sonoma activities at Alexander’s at the Timber Cove Inn, or stay the night and enjoy the view from your lovely Sonoma coast hotel room.



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