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Timber Cove Inn - A place of Perfect Peace

May 07th 2013

TRAVEL EAT LOVE : Meghan Malloy -  Did last week really happen? That’s the question that keeps playing over and over in my mind when I wake up in the middle of the night, and what pops up first thing every morning. It’s gotten slightly quieter as the days have passed; last Monday night, every time I woke up and

See Stunning Sonoma Coast at Timber Cove Inn

May 06th 2013

RESORTS AND LODGES:  Emily Roycraft: April 23, 2013: Deep blue Pacific waves crash against a rocky shore. Redwood trees tower above the forest floor. Wineries stand on rolling hills, the vines covering the land with lush greenery. The Sonoma Coast is calling you.

Timber Cove Inn puts you amid this stunning natural beauty, making it a perfect location for an unforgettable getaway. From

A Tale of Northern California

Mar 11th 2013

HOTELS MAGAZINE | LARRY MOGELONSKY/The Hotel Mogel: I’ve known the people at Timber Cove Inn for quite some time now. Maybe it’s the gentle Pacific breeze or the tranquil seclusion of sparsely populated Northern California, but the senior managers and staff at this coastal resort property are some of the nicest you’ll ever met.They also have a

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