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Serenity on California’s Sonoma Coast at Timber Cove Inn

Nov 08th 2012

WHAT A TRIP | By Nancy Brown | November 2, 2012: "If I were a pelican, I would take up residence by the Timber Cove Inn on California’s Sonoma Coast. From my ocean view king room, I watch the pelicans glide silently by. They circle the cove below, dipping up and down like synchronized swimmers in the Pacific Ocean. But I am not a pelican. I

“The view from the bar hasn’t changed in 30 years; it’s stunning”

Oct 29th 2012

iSANTE MAGAZINE |   By Byron Vaughan | October 29, 2012: "Timber Cove Inn, Jenner, CA ": California’s north coast is one of the most ruggedly beautiful coastlines in the world. Hugging this coast, ninety miles north of San Francisco, on a rocky shelf overlooking the sea, is the Timber Cove Inn. A local landmark for fifty years, the Timber Cove Inn is in the

Above the Fog

Oct 14th 2012

NORTHBAY BIZ | By Julie Fadda | October 2012 Issue: "Fort Ross-Seaview encompasses 27,500 acres, entirely within the much larger Sonoma Coast AVA boundaries. What makes it unique is that it sits above the fog line. The beautiful drive along Highway 1, north of Jenner, winds through everything from coastal redwood forests to pastureland, often with steep cliffs along the ocean’s edge. It’s not a

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